Jabril Ameer Battle, better known by his stage name Metaphor The Great is an American Hip-Hop artist, Producer, and Actor. Born in New Jersey, Metaphor The Great began his rap career battling neighborhood rappers and winning local, and regional rap battles in the New Jersey and Greensboro, NC area.
After gaining recognition for his punch lines and delivery, Metaphor had been requested to host a myriad of rap battles, shows and was later featured as a guest co-host on 102 Jamz.
In 2009, Metaphor gained popularity, and acting credits online through his infamous rap battle with "Tubesteak" (Carl Jones, creator of HoodiezToys and Black Dynamite) that had gone viral after being featured on WorldstarHipHop.
Metaphor The Great continued his musical career by becoming the Co-Chief Music Director for Aaron McGruder’s “The Boondocks”, a popular animated series featured on Cartoon Network’s, Adult Swim produced by Sony Pictures Television.
During his musical contributions to the show, Metaphor also hosted and had been featured on The Boondocks soundtracks ‘Hip-Hop Docktrine Two: Thugnificent Edition’ (Produced by: Dub Floyd & Wally Sparks).
In May of 2014, Metaphor The Great released “Season Phor: outfromthebackground” an 11 track mix CD project. The instrumentals featured on ‘Season Phor: outfromthebackground’ were instrumentals used in season three of The Boondocks, hence the name “out from the background”. ‘Season Phor’ was a highly anticipated musical composition by Metaphor The Great for his fans.
After releasing the project, Metaphor The Great relocated to Los Angeles, California, where he currently operates in capacity of a Hip Hop Artist under a sub genre he calls, "Hooptie Music", producer and actor. Metaphor The Great has, since his arrival, been promoted through HipHop DX, Hollywood Freestyle and earned airplay on 93.5 KDAY 'Open Bar Radio Show" hosted by Xzibit and Soren Baker.